Diane Kettering

Diane Kettering

Speaker Bio:

Diane Kettering, Founder of Echo CATT Corporate Team Building and Entertainment.
Simply put, Diane’s approach is like no other. Her commitment is rooted in the fusion of
learning, laughter, and leadership. Diane actively lives out her mission. She conducts weekly improv workshops and hosts a monthly improv comedy show, both geared towards enhancing creativity,
collaboration, and personal growth.

Presentation Title: Power Speaking

Description of presentation that we can use for promoting event:

Want to capture your audience’s attention? Learn how to be a more engaing speaker and keep their focus on you. This workshop that goes beyond theory, providing tangible skills and experiences that can immediately be applied in both personal and professional settings.

Presentation takeaways:

Confidence Boost
Quick Thinking skills
Engaging Speaker Techniques
Team Bonding
Practical Improv Exercises
Effective Communication Strategies
Humor in Communication
Applicable to Professional Settings

How did you hear about this speaker opportunity, or did someone refer you? Amy Yan

Chapters you can speak at: Belleville, Illinois, Edwardsville, Illinois, Houston, Texas, North Houston, Texas, O’Fallon, Illinois, Webster Groves, Missouri (St. Louis), West County, Missouri (St. Louis)

I’m interested in speaking at: In Person Event, Training/Workshop

Presenting Experience:

SLU Leadership Class
US Coast Guard
Chambers of Commerce
Various businesses

Other topics to present:

The Power of Connection
“Whose Job is it, Anyway?” (For Team Leaders, HR, and Business Coahches)
Corporate Improv Classes

These are presented with Katie Worzel MSW,LCSW:
EchoCONNECT for Caregivers (Communicating with those going through memory loss)
“Bounce” Resilience in the Workplace

Diane Image

Diane Kettering

Email: info@EchoCATT.com

Phone Number: 3147740014

Title and Business: Founder, Echo CATT Corporate Team Building & Entertainment

Website: http://echocatt.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/diane-kettering-culture-and-team-training-1692a8182

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=echo%20catt%20corporate%20team%20building%20and%20entertainment

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