Kim Drago & Maggie Lucas

Kim Drago & Maggie Lucas

Speaker Bio:

Lucas Drago Interiors was founded in 2011. Maggie Lucas and Kim Drago co-founded Lucas Drago Interiors after graduating from Design school. Collaborating on several Design projects, they quickly found a balance and support that inspired a unique working relationship.

When working with clients, we foster a close relationship by taking all of our client’s goals and expectations into consideration. This creates a custom tailored job which is suited for each individual client, not reused solutions that are typical and expected.

Whether you want traditional, contemporary or something in-between, our concept is to help you achieve your project goals and work within your project budget, as cost efficiently, as possible. We make it easy for you to work with a professional Interior Designer and achieve your decorating goals, without over spending for designing services.

Presenting Experience:

Both Kim and Maggie are new to presenting in front of a group. You have to start somewhere!

Chapters you can speak at: South City, Missouri

Mel Lambert Headshot

Mel Lambert


Phone Number: 314-795-2132

Title and Business: Owner / Designer, Lucas Drago Interiors


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Three Presentation takeaways:

  • Knowledge of what an Interior Designer does
  • Ideas and tips for your own home
  • Inspiration to change something in your own home

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