Eleni Yiambilis Farias

Eleni Yiambilis Farias

Speaker Bio:

Eleni has found her true passion as an Author and Experiential Speaker. She shared her inspiring life story in the internationally best the selling books, She Is Magic and Women Who Illuminate. Her speaking career began as Health and Wellness Consultant for the billion dollar enterprise Rastelli Foods, today she continues to share her message of positive mindset perspective on stages worldwide. Eleni is the co-founder of Kalyteros.Life, a lifestyle brand with the goal of helping people live their best lives.
“I believe we all have unlimited potential and divine purpose to express in this life journey. My mission is to show people of all ages that with defined vision and applied belief they can literally wake their dreams and live their most fulfilling lives“
Recently she has been creating a movement for the children, helping them with programs to express their unique magic and power within. Her recently released children’s book, “I Am That! I Am” is a best seller on Amazon and making a positive impact on children world wide.
“The children are the key to shattering old paradigms and generational belief systems. Empower the children and you heal and shift the world” This belief is what prompted her to create The Empower Mentor Movement, to help others make a positive impact on the children of the world.

Presentation Title: The Quantum Blueprint: Activating Limitless Potential

Description of presentation that we can use for promoting event:

The Quantum Blueprint: Activating Limitless Potential
In this talk, Eleni teaches how to unlock the remarkable capabilities of the human brain and bypass limiting mindsets to experience transformative life shifts. Complete with deliberate life crafting strategies and tools to hack the powers of the mind for enhanced performance.

How did you hear about this speaker opportunity, or did someone refer you? Through My agent

Chapters you can speak at: Belleville, Illinois, Edwardsville, Illinois, Houston, Texas, North Houston, Texas, O’Fallon, Illinois, Webster Groves, Missouri (St. Louis), West County, Missouri (St. Louis)

I’m interested in speaking at: In Person Event, Training/Workshop, Conference

Presenting Experience:

Yes here are a few
Take The Stage at Rowan University
Market America International Conference Miami
I Am That! I Am! Empower Mentor Book Workshop Mannington School pre-k-8th

Other topics to present:

The Intuitive Compass: Finding Your True North in a World of Chaos – World of Chaos
Learn how to tap into and trust intuitive guidance, opening a powerful internal compass to maximize success. Cultivate informed decision making with practical techniques to distinguish between fleeting thoughts and genuine intuitive insights. Draw from Eleni’s remarkable journey and gain the tools for transformation

The Power Of Perspective
Get ready to ignite your students’ minds with Eleni’s captivating talk on “The Power of Perspective”! In this dynamic and interactive session, students will embark on a journey of self-discovery as they explore how different perspectives shape our reality. Eleni, a renowned motivational speaker and international bestselling author, will share her inspiring story of triumph over adversity, empowering students to harness the power of their own perspectives to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Through engaging activities and thought-provoking discussions, students will learn that they have the agency to choose their outlook on any situation, empowering them to navigate life’s ups and downs with resilience and optimism. By the end of the session, students will walk away with a newfound sense of confidence, equipped with the tools to transform obstacles into opportunities and embrace the limitless possibilities that come with a positive perspective.

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Eleni Yiambilis Farias

Email: thespeakeragent@gmail.com

Phone Number: (856)357-5960

Title and Business: CEO (EMM) & Founding Partner for Kalyteros, The Empower Mentor Movement and Kalyteros.Life

Website: https://empowermentormovement.godaddysites.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elenielnrg.yiambilis.3


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