Holly Gotfredson

Holly Gotfredson

Speaker Bio:

Holly Gotfredson has been a part of both American Metalcraft and Finishing Dynamics for 20 years, now serving as President and owner of both companies. She purchased American Metalcraft Inc. in 2017 and Finishing Dynamics in late 2021. With a background in art, marketing and accounting, she possessed the creative, critical and analytical thinking skills that are so important in the manufacturing world. As she moved up into several leadership roles, she was instrumental in bringing both brands to the forefront of the industry through business development, creating AIA accredited continuing education classes, marketing campaigns and growing the company brands nationwide. She created an aggressive business plan that resulted in record breaking sales in 2019 and 2022-23, unmatched in the history of both companies.

Holly enjoys sharing the skills, tools and lessons she’s learned over her three decades in the working world. She learned the value of growth, consistent curiosity, overcoming fear, and changing challenges into opportunity.

She’s been recognized as a leader in her field with awards from Women of Excellence in Metal Forming and Fabricating Magazine, the CSI Southeast President’s Award and most recently, a Women of Achievement Tribute Honoree. She is part of AIA Atlanta, Construction Specification Institute, ABC of Georgia, National Association of Women In Construction and RAINA (Rainscreen Association in North America). Currently she serves as Secretary of the CSI Atlanta Chapter as well as the CSI Southeast Region. In 2021, she completed her CDT certification (construction document technician) through the Construction Specification Institute. She’s been featured in Blueprint Magazine, VoyageAtl and Canvas Rebel. Holly is passionate about sharing the career opportunities that are available in the manufacturing world – especially to young women. She is part of the Board of Directors for the Architecture Foundation of Georgia – a non-profit that provides scholarships to students seeking a career in architecture.

Presentation Title: Get Naked! The Power of Authentic Leadership

Description of presentation that we can use for promoting event:

In the naked truth of leadership, we are a tapestry of individuality – stitching together our stories of experience, emotional threads and the essence of who we are. How can we peel back the layers to clothe others in enrichment, weave a workplace culture of belonging and tailor a path to personal and professional success?

Presentation takeaways:

We’ll explore how to overcome the three most common causes of conflict. Attendees will learn how to use their life experiences to foster new perspectives and a growth mindset. We’ll also learn the keys to active listening and respect.

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Presenting Experience:

I’ve presented this topic at the MetalCON conference in Las Vegas, the Construction Specification Institute’s Southeast Region Conference, to the Construction Specification Institute’s Atlanta chapter and countless architecture firms across the country. This class is worth 1 AIA LU credit, if anyone that attends is an architect.

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Holly Gotfredson

Email: holly@americanmetalcraft.com

Phone Number: 404-226-8538

Title and Business: Get Naked! Harnessing the Power of Authentic Leadership, American Metalcraft and Finishing Dynamics

Website: http://americanmetalcraft.com%20and%20finishingdynamics.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/holly-gotfredson/


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