Jen Aks

Jen Aks

Speaker Bio:

Jen Aks is the Founder of herStories & the Creator of “The Power of Gesture”. She is an Embodiment Coach, Story Producer and received her BFA from NYU.

Jen is a highly regarded speaker and trainer who has been teaching nationwide for over 18 years. Jen is passionate about kinetic expression and human connection. Jen empowers her audience to feel love and acceptance with her soulful step by step process called “The Power of Gesture”. With her proven embodiment practice, Jen gifts people with the opportunity to share and express their story.

Whether she is teaching youth or adults, Jen ignites the atmosphere with her mastery by creating a safe and loving space for every person to feel that their story matters. Jen’s mission is to shift the mindset of humanity, 1 story at a time.

Jen shares; “We are in a time where the world is remembering how our bodies communicate and love one another. I feel grateful to have found my voice and purpose in this body of work that I am sharing with others.”

Jen coaches women of all ages, leads virtual and in person workshops and produces individual video stories that shift the mindset of humanity to a more empowered place of self acceptance. To learn more, please visit


Presentation Title: “The Power of Gesture” – Learn the 3 essential soulful steps that will turn your present pain into your powerful purpose.

Description of presentation that we can use for promoting event:

The Power of Gesture
Your story has the power to inspire, educate & deepen the compassion you have for yourself & others.
This powerful experience will teach you how to heal, share and express your purpose through your story.
Your story matters.

Presenting Experience:

Here is a link to a recent in person workshop with 150 women and woven in to this 1.5 minute video are virtual workshops as well. Enjoy.

Other topics to present:

The Power of Gesture is my signature process, the prompt is what changes depending on the community. For example, above I described The Power of Gesture “Turning your Pain in to your Powerful Purpose”, however other prompts that can lead the interactive experience could be: “A journey toward Radical Acceptance”, “Finding presence in your body”, “Connecting to your intuition so that you can live your life with ease”, etc. With that said, I can present and guide an interactive experience with many different themes.

Chapters you can speak at: Belleville, Illinois, Edwardsville, Illinois, O’Fallon, Illinois, West County, Missouri, Any Metro East Chapter, St. Louis Area, Virtual EmPower Hour

I’m interested in speaking at: Virtual Event, In Person Event, Training/Workshop, Webinar, Conference

Jen Aks

Jen Aks


Phone Number: 1-917-445-5115

Title and Business: Founder of herStories, Creator of “The Power of Gesture”, herStories



Three Presentation takeaways:

1. Being able to easily identify where present pain is in their bodies and instantly transmute that stuck energy into unconditional love so they can move and speak with more ease.

2. Knowing how to create 2 simple and powerful gestures that will help them remember their purpose so they can easily decide what is highest and best for them in life and business.

3. A daily practical 1 minute embodiment exercise is easily implemented into a “busy” lifestyle that will remind their mind, body, and spirit that their purpose & story matter.

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