Jennifer Cole

Jennifer Cole

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My name is Jennifer Cole, and I am writing on my own behalf of Jennifer Cole Coaching.
I am a certified health and body image coach and I’m dedicated to raising awareness regarding the current epidemic of body image distortion among women and young women in our country.
As someone who has overcome my own body image distortion, I know firsthand how heartbreaking and damaging this is to a woman’s self-confidence, mental health and emotional well-being.
Careers and relationships are affected from the low self-confidence and poor choices made from a poor self-image.
I am so determined to help as many women as I can. We’re bombarded on the daily from media and social media setting unattainable, unrealistic standards for women; without support, this is very damaging to our women.
I work one-on-one with women and I’m currently creating group programs specifically for stressed , frustrated women who struggle with poor body image, poor self-esteem and teach them valuable empowerment skills.
In order to make a difference, I rely on the support of generous individuals and businesses in our community and across the U.S.
I would be so grateful for your help if you would consider providing a donation of $25-$100. This will allow me to extend my reach and broaden my audience to help more women.
The money would be used to hire out for promoting, advertising and to my organization. Your support will help so many women struggling with self esteem, self-worth and body image issues.
I will be so happy to keep you updated with progress from this mission!
Please contact me at or by calling me at 412-378-0915 if you are able to support my efforts to make a difference in the community. You may also contribute by visiting my donation page at Helping Women Overcome Body Image Distortio… | Fundly Thank you so much for your kind consideration of our request, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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Jennifer Cole


Phone Number: 1-412-378-0915

Title and Business: Jennifer Cole, Certified Health And Body Image Coach Jennifer Cole Coaching



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