Mell Balment

Mell Balment

Speaker Bio:

Many don’t realise that mastering their empathy, is the key to the treasure-trove of being an empowered employee, leader or business owner.

Most in service industries, focus on their deep desires to help, which leaves them energetically exhausted from people pleasing or overwhelmed through their multiple sensory receivers. I specialise in helping empaths master their gifts and traits.

My passion is sharing my mind-altering techniques, combining them with strategy, alongside neuro knowledge and quantum physics. I love helping bosses to understand their staff and for employees to understand how their multi sensory receivers affect their day-to-day activities and interactions.

Considered spiritual by some, I like to tangibly blend that with science and corporate results, taking empaths, leaders and preneurs from energetic chaos to confident, powerful calmness. Turns out I’ve lived many lives being the bridge between spiritual and cynical.

But what gives me the right to sit here and suggest I know something you don’t? It’s well-known that I’ve healed my trifecta of trauma. I’ve sailed those 3 oceans and not only survived, but plotted the maps to show others how to master their mind-storms.

What would have most drowning in overwhelm, I faced head-on by mastering my BS – you know, the Belief System that feeds our fearful minds. My stories exemplify that great leaders are braver by overcoming the mess and BS we’ve lived through and it’s not just leaders that make a difference in the world.

I’m on a global mission to create ‘The Empaths Embassy’. I look forward to you joining my voyage to develop your Empathic Intelligence.

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Unprecedented times have created unsettling disconnect for many. Disruptions of all aspects of our lives, experienced on a global scale has left deep uncertainty and feeling bypassed by our decision makers.

So is the ambition to bring back compassion for ourselves and others, along with co-creation to embrace intuitiveness, even possible?

How do we understand and support those that can most influence and bring about positive change… empathic humans?

Outlining the energetic connection between success and empathy, Mell B shares her passion and revolutionary insights gleaned from 650 Deep Belief sessions. She’s guided empaths to sail through the energetic chaos of their mind-storms to command empathic intelligent, success.

By tangibly blending her mind-altering techniques with strategy and results oriented focus, your audience will leave Mind-Masters able to sail unwaveringly from stormy chaos to empowered calmness.

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Mell Balment


Phone Number: +61 404 192 682

Title and Business: Ms, Quantum Coaching & Healing



Three Presentation takeaways:

1. Why learning the difference between being a human-being and being a human-doer has never been more critical in the workplace to avoid actions and behaviors that rob and drain team energy.
2. Why identifying the 10 empathic traits and energy levels is a more important skill to build deeper cohesion with yourself and team.
3. The strategies to manage stressful energy and how to protect yourself from getting drained, reducing the need to ‘keep yourself together’.
4. How to access inspirational thinking, expand critical, intuitiveness to make decisions that are insights-driven, not emotional based.

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