Ragan Thomson

Ragan Thomson

Speaker Bio:

Ragan Thomson is a Spiritual Facilitator, Intuitive Transformational Coach, & Global World Service Activist. Through her workshops and guided sessions, she helps people resolve their wounds, access their inner joy, keep their hearts open, and stay true to themselves. Always one soul at a time.

Presentation Title: Healing the Soul’s Duality: Embracing Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies

Description of presentation that we can use for promoting event:

In an era marked by spiritual yearning and a deep desire for global healing, women practitioners of personal spiritual healing are eager to gather and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and collective empowerment.

With a shared commitment to healing the world, Ragan will guide your audience into the transformative power of acknowledging divine wounds inflicted by the imbalance of masculine and feminine energies.

Through fostering dialogue and understanding between these energies, attendees bridge spiritual divides, paving the way for divine union and harmonious co-creation.

With hearts united and spirits uplifted, they emerge inspired and empowered, ready to co-create a world healed and empowered by love.

How did you hear about this speaker opportunity, or did someone refer you? Google Search for Women Empowerment groups

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Presenting Experience:

At Unity of Santa Barbara, Ragan’s presence has become a beacon of light and inspiration. Through leading profound meditations during Sunday services, delivering soul-stirring sermons, and guiding transformative healing sessions involving mantra and meditation, Ragan embodies the essence of love consciousness and spiritual guidance.

Ragan serves as Chairperson of the Board at World Systems Solutions. She has had the privilege of working with many highly-skilled, wise, and brilliant folks from around the world, helping them fundraise money for the climate emergency cause.

Most recently, Ragan shared a message of how to cultivate resilient leaders for a thriving world to attendees from 50 different countries at the VC APAX virtual business conference.

Other topics to present:

Healing from Within: Cultivating Resilient Leaders for a Thriving World- In a world charged with pressing challenges, from environmental crises to social injustices, the call for transformative resilience echoes louder than ever. As women seeking to elevate our consciousness and contribute to global healing, we are bestowed with a profound opportunity – to heal ourselves and, in doing so, heal the world.

Soulful Living: Navigating Life’s Journey with Purpose and Presence- In a world characterized by constant change and uncertainty, the journey of embracing life’s unfolding becomes paramount. At the heart of this journey lies a call to embrace the present moment fully, recognizing it as the nexus of true life and inner peace. Advocating for a soulful approach, Ragan encourages curiosity, wonder, and self-discovery as guiding lights along the path, fostering deeper understanding and connection with oneself and the world.

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Ragan Thomson

Email: ragan@raganthomson.com

Phone Number: 805-453-7281

Title and Business: Spiritual Facilitator, Intuitive Transformational Coach, & Global World Service Activist, Ragan Thomson Coaching

Website: https://raganthomson.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raganthomsoncoach

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ragan_thomson/

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