Sammie Walker Herrera

Sammie Walker Herrera

Speaker Bio:

Sammie Walker Herrera (she/her/ella) is a dedicated coach and speaker with extensive experience in empowering individuals to master public speaking and build confidence. She holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Hispanic Studies from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master of Arts in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Slippery Rock University. Sammie is also a Certified Career Services Provider™ and has trained through Stanford University’s Life Design Studio. She has been recognized as a Top Public Speaking Voice on LinkedIn with over 7,000 followers and has received the 2024 Estrella Small Business Grant from the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Chamber of Commerce. Sammie has coached leaders at Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, PNC, Scotiabank, and Snapchat and spoken for organizations such as Belkin, Latina Professionals, and Women in Neuroscience.

Sammie, founder of Speak Y’all, offers a range of coaching services designed to help clients achieve career clarity, effective networking, and public speaking confidence. Her speaking engagements are known for being highly interactive and fun, incorporating movement and practical exercises to keep audiences engaged, even in virtual settings. Her unique approach focuses on breaking down the barriers to solid public speaking skills, helping individuals recognize their inherent power and communicate their insights effectively.

Attendees of Sammie’s sessions leave with the message that “confidence comes from practice.” They feel inspired and ready to take the next steps in their personal and professional lives. Attending her talks or engaging in her coaching services, participants will not only gain valuable skills but also experience a boost in confidence, resilience, and the ability to handle stress while speaking up. By focusing on practical, engaging, and accessible techniques, Sammie ensures her audience gains the confidence and skills necessary to lead and communicate effectively.

Presentation Title: Strengthen Your Speaking Skills

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If you’re on the track toward higher levels of leadership in your career but are hitting a wall due to communication and confidence issues, this is the workshop for you. Sammie Walker Herrera, Public Speaking & Confidence Coach with Speak Y’all, will coach interested attendees to become better speakers by teaching a key speaking structure and by delivering expert feedback.

The goal of this session is for attendees to leave a better speaker than when they walked in. It’ll be a fun, no-judgment space for the audience to learn, practice, and walk out empowered. Don’t miss the opportunity to practice important speaking skills that will help you make sure your voice is confidently heard!

Presentation takeaways:

-Attendees will understand the unique speaking strengths of their personality type, whether they’re an introvert, extrovert, or in-between.
-Attendees will learn strategies to help improve their public speaking skills.
-Attendees will be able to evaluate another attendee’s use of the Point-Reason-Point (PRP) speaking structure.

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Chapters you can speak at: Houston, Texas, North Houston, Texas, Virtual EmPower Hour

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Here are some speaking highlights:
I will also be presenting on Executive Presence Strategies at the Women in Payments Canada Symposium in September 2024.

“Sammie is certainly a one-of-a-kind speaker whose story and background will resonate with any listener. I am excited to see where she goes with this venture and when the opportunity presents itself, I plan to keep her front in mind as someone to speak on the many topics in her repertoire.”
– Marketing and Communication Director at Erie Country Community College of PA

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Sammie Walker Herrera


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