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Part of the mission of Women Empowering Women is empowerment through knowledge.


The role of the speaker is to share information that encompasses the experience and expertise of that speaker, to educate and inspire. Each attendee should walk away with some tip or best practice that they can utilize in their daily lives.

  • WEW Speaker Guidelines

    • This is not a platform to be used as a sales pitch or sales promotion for your specific business or product.
    • You should briefly talk about your experience or business merely to give credibility to the topic you are discussing. This will show that you can be viewed as an expert on this topic.
    • Keep in mind that W.E.W is not an industry exclusive organization. There may be several attendees that share the same business or position. It is important to respect others and to be fair.
    • Presentations should be approximately 25 minutes in length and you should allow for question and answer time.
    • Presenters need to be respectful of time limits. Remember people are there on their lunch hour and need to get back to work. Once you are given the two minute warning start wrapping up even if you have more of the presentation to give.
    • Power point presentations can have your company logo at the beginning and end of the presentation.

WEW speakers

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WEW speakers

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WEW speakers

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