Tatyana Slavova

Tatyana Slavova

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Tatyana Slavova: A Woman of Courage, Determination, and Inspiration.

Propelled by her life philosophy, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts,” Tatyana fearlessly relocated on her own from Ukraine to the USA, facing the challenges of war.

Tatyana is intimately acquainted with life-altering shifts, or what she calls “lifequakes.” While the tools for navigating these transitions may remain constant, it’s the mindset shift that truly alters the trajectory of the journey.

The common belief is that significant personal changes require a lot of time. Tatyana believes that for significant changes, it’s not time that’s needed, but one profound insight that rocks.

Wearing multiple hats, acting as both a Venture Capitalist and Life & Business Coach, Tatyana empowers individuals to embrace their authentic selves and pursue lives worth living.

Presentation Title: Growing in Life and Business by Choiceful Transformation

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What lies between a person and their decisions? What lies between a person and new results? It’s a psychological bouquet – a mix of resistances, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, often invisible but profoundly influential blind spots. Blind spots are less obvious when things are going well. It is very easy for us to become almost strictly inward looking, especially when we have been very successful. But these blind spots can become devastating when performance moves in the other direction.

There is power in the stories we tell ourselves and others about our lives. Stories can shape our thinking and inform our behavior. But what if the stories we’re telling ourselves hinder us from pursuing new goals or doing things differently? What if they make us second-guess our abilities or not take chances? That almost happened to me when I told myself, “I could never be…” Thankfully, someone told me a different story about myself.

In this practical and inspiring session, Tatyana will delve into the dynamics of change, shedding light on the internal landscape that shapes our external reality. Participants will acquire actionable techniques, empowering them to steer substantial transformation in their lives and leadership endeavors.

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As someone relatively new to the USA, building my speaking career from scratch has been both exhilarating and challenging. However, my previous experience coupled with my passion for coaching has provided a solid foundation for this journey. I’ve already had the privilege of speaking at several engagements in the USA, which has further fueled my enthusiasm for sharing insights and connecting with audiences here.

I’m dedicated to delivering engaging and insightful talks that resonate with audiences. I believe my perspective, shaped by my experiences, could offer a unique and valuable addition to the discussions at WEW event.

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Title: Navigating Life’s Changes Amid Uncertainty

Amidst economic crises, COVID, ongoing war, or personal challenges, how to stay calm and resilient?
Discover the transformative power of fearless authenticity with Tatyana Slavova.
In this riveting session, Tatyana shares her inspiring journey from conformity to liberation, offering valuable insights and actionable takeaways along the way. Through captivating storytelling and profound reflections, participants will learn to overcome fear, embrace vulnerability, and chart their own path to fulfillment. 
Join Tatyana as she shares her journey from Ukraine during the war to the USA, inspiring you to embrace your dreams fearlessly. Learn to trust your inner voice as the ultimate authority and mentor. Unleash the transformative potential of your dreams and navigate through any storm with purpose and determination.

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Tatyana Slavova

Email: info@tatyanaslavova.com

Phone Number: 1-918-991-3857

Title and Business: Life & Business Coach / Public Speaker / Venture Capitalist, Coaching / Venture Capital

Website: https://www.tatyanaslavova.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tatyana-slavova/

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