Michell Stockmann

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Michell Stockmann
Michell Stockmann
Job Title
CEO / Creative Director
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TechKnow Solutions, Inc.

Detailed Information

A creative thinker, brand tinker and coffee drinker

With 20 years in the design industry, Michell is a creative problem solver committed to communicating her client’s stories in relevant and impactful ways. She believes successful design involves building brand integrity, creating lasting relationships, and representing a business at its visual best.

Collaborating directly with TechKnow’s clients to discover the utmost essence of developing and incorporating the core values is her guiding passion. Marketing and branding should be something magical, and compelling.Because of building relationships 

Desiring an environment focused on building relationships, where people flourish and the connections are strong, Michell co-founded Women Empowering Women in 2013.  Developing a collaborative community where women can grow personally and professionally is what drives her to keep expanding nationally and in 2019 became the CEO of WEW.

Michell has an inherent ability of engaging with individuals and creating connections for them in a way that is not just transactional but more relational. Because of this, she has become the guiding force that keeps WEW evolving and expanding while keeping the culture strong.