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Heather J. Crider
CEO of Heather J. Cridr & Company

Topic Mastering your Marketing Message
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Speaker Series empowerED
Originally Recorded September 8, 2020

We are thrilled to offer “Mastering Your Marketing Message” as our September empowerED (EMPOWER EDucation) session. Constant learning and developing professionally is critical to having a successful career and thrive personally. In this education series we will find workshops and trainings designed to empower women with new skills and provide opportunities for learning that align with our vision to educate, motivate and inspire our members.

Heather J Crider, Author “The Digital Marketing Success Formula”, Founder Heather J Crider & Company | Digital Architect Media and NEWLY CERTIFIED Teacher for SIYLI- Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI)!!

Her specialties include digital media, consumer behavior, brand awareness, omni-channel marketing campaigns, neuromarketing, mindfulness-based growth strategies, leadership growth, and neurocoaching.

She’s successfully started and grown 4 corporations and have implemented marketing and business campaigns for over 200 other companies, including several large Fortune 50 companies. She’s the author of “The Digital Marketing Success Formula: The Six Simple Steps to Attracting and Retaining the Perfect Client Online”, and was recently featured in “Forbes” discussing the impact of mindfulness and business success. She was featured on John Assaraf’s Brain-A-Thon as a success story from neuroscience backed techniques.

She’s a proud mom of two, a self-diagnosed coffee addict/snob and an avid sports fan!

Sometimes it’s hard to communicate with your prospects about who you are and what you do because, well, let’s face it, there are too many ways to explain just how awesome you are! Think about when you go to networking meetings and you only have a limited amount of time to stand out from the crowd.

Introducing the Master Your Marketing Message Workshop

Understand how to separate yourself from the crowd, stand out, and attract the perfect clients.

Learn how to craft the perfect 30-60 elevator pitch.
Discover the key phrases to make you stand out
Connect with your audience through your messaging
Fine-tune your pitch
Create your unique marketing message to attract perfect clients
This will be a Zoom Live session for a limited number of live virtual attendees- we will send attendees a Zoom meeting link via registered email with instructions before the scheduled meeting.