Collaborative Advisory Board

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What is the WEW Collaborative Advisory Board?

The Board has become a powerful networking tool for the women who participate. Since WEW was an organization created by women and has grown and expanded and modified because of the input and direction of women it only makes sense that an Advisory Board of women would offer the same values and input.

In November 2019, as the approach for a national launch was looming, it was evident that Women Empowering Women would need an collective group of passionate women to help with the development and future of WEW. Several women were selected to serve on a voluntary Collaborative Advisory Board.

Let's take it to the next level - Women Empowering Women

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen Keller

All of these board members are passionate about helping Women Empowering Women not just the BEST networking meetings, but also one of the BEST marketing tools you utilize for your business. The Advisory Board meets regularly to discuss and develop the many ways we can help you to SUCCEED!

The WEW Collaborative Advisory Board promotes the Mission, Vision, and goals of the national organization and provides input and guides the direction for programs, events and activities affecting WEW chapters.

The WEW Collaborative Advisory Board collaborates with chapter leaders, members and other networking organizations and special committees to improve programs and membership.

WEW Collaborative Advisory Board members are asked to become the eyes and ears of the organization as they go about their work throughout the year. Board members often supply the corporate team with ideas about how to enhance chapter meetings and events, website upgrades or changes and ways to add value to the membership. They also make the corporate team aware of other important events or conferences where WEW should have a presence, and generally promote the organization within their network of business associates and friends.

Meet the women of WEW’s Collaborative Advisory Board below.

Collaborative Advisory Board

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Michell Stockmann


Desiring an environment focused on building relationships, where people flourish and the connections are strong, is what drives Michell to keep developing a collaborative community where women can grow personally and professionally. Michell has an inherent ability of engaging with individuals and creating connections for them in a way that is not just transactional but more relational. Because of this, she has become the guiding force that keeps WEW evolving and expanding while keeping the culture strong.

Michell Stockmann

CEO/Founder of WEW

WEW Collaborative Board Member Bailey Wilson


Joining the Women Empowering Women team in 2019, Bailey has been a strong force for WEW’s emailing system and social media marketing. With a strong will, determination, a keen eye and a knack for marketing online, Bailey now manages WEW’s social media strategy across multiple channels.

Bailey Wilson

WEW Marketing Staff

WEW Collaborative Board Member Natalie Jablonski


Natalie Jablonski

Collaborative Board Member

WEW Collaborative Board Member Kristy Jackson


Kristy Jackson

Collaborative Board Member

WEW Collaborative Board Member Laura Mattson


Laura Mattson

Collaborative Board Member

WEW Collaborative Board Member Liz Meyer


Liz Meyer

Collaborative Board Member

WEW Collaborative Board Member Megan Rector


Megan Rector

Collaborative Board Member

WEW Collaborative Board Member Kinsey Stockmann


Coordinating and organizing all of the events, collecting RSVP’s, scheduling and contacting speakers and responding to member requests is a daunting task but Kinsey keeps everything running smoothly. In addition to meeting and event registrations, including tracking all feedback, contact info, and managing ongoing speaker communication she also performs administrative duties and helps with social media content. She’s in regular contact with the Speaker Coordinator and Chapter Leaders on speaker schedules and meeting changes.

Kinsey Stockmann

WEW Events & Admin