Do You Have What It Takes?

We are often asked the same or similar questions over and over.  We realized many of these answers were not available on our website so we’ve made it easy and put as many as we would think of here.  If you have a question you would like to ask us please submit an email on our Contact page and we will get right back to you!

Networking has been called the number one unwritten rule of success in business. Who you know leads directly to what you know, and your next business opportunity is likely to come from your network. (People do business with those they KNOW, they LIKE, and they TRUST.)  Connecting with other businesswomen is a proven way to raise your professional profile.  What you do with these lunch meetings to grow your business or connections is up to you.  You should want to gain as much from your network as possible!

We believe in COLLABORATION not COMPETITION and therefore we are recognized for having a very welcoming and nurturing culture.

Connect monthly with like-minded professionals who are serious about building personal and professional relationships and reaching new heights in all areas. We embrace all industries and women of all backgrounds and levels in their business and life.

We are businesswomen, CEO’s, startups, entry-level, corporate and mom & pop shops.  We are wives and moms and daughters and friends.  We are full-time, part-time, students, retired and workaholics. We are WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN!

There are multiple ways to participate as a part of Women Empowering Women (WEW). There’s NO selective application or interview process to join.  We offer FREE and paid membership options. Visit our Join Now page for more information.

We welcome and invite all women to attend any of our chapters and networking events that are most convenient for you.  Visit multiple chapters and find one or two or all of them where you feel most comfortable and can market your business by building relationships and collaborate with others.  You will find that although all chapters follow the same agenda – each meeting does have its own unique culture and community.

What makes us unique from other many networking groups is that we have a FREE membership option as well as paid member options with a variety of benefits. Membership is not required to attend meetings and events and there are no meeting attendance requirements.  You get out of your WEW membership what you put into it.  The more you connect, the more you will benefit from attending and engaging!

Absolutely NOT!  We welcome all women and all business industries and organization types and do not believe in being exclusive. We value COLLABORATION over COMPETITION! We invite you to speak with other women in your industry because you may find ways to learn from or work with them.  Many time you can fill in the gaps of products or services your company doesn’t fill.

We keep a schedule of our meetings here on our website and also send out email reminders from each chapter.  Sign up on our website to be added to specific email lists and be reminded when the next meeting in your area will be held.  We look forward to seeing you!

Each chapter’s meeting location is different and is listed on the Chapter’s tab of this website.  Stay up to date with email notifications, social media status updates and/or the individual chapter page in case a meeting has to change locations or dates due to holiday breaks, etc.

We welcome and invite you to attend any of our chapters – there is no restriction to how many you can visit or attend regularly.  We’d love to see you at ALL of them!  Although occasionally speakers and topics may overlap, each chapter has their own schedule of speakers which can be found on this website.

We hope to provide professional women an opportunity to seek new connections while building and growing personally and professionally.  We know that can be achieved best by having more opportunities to network and build relationships with as many people as possible.

YES!  We offer a variety of workshops, seminars, speakers series, speed networking, mingling events, happy hours and more. We curate both virtual and in-person events so members across the nation and globally can connect with one another! Find more details about meetings on the WEW Calendar: https://wewmembers.com/events-calendar

As of this time we do not have any larger summits scheduled.  In the past we have held larger virtual and in-person meetings and workshops and look forward to creating useful conferences, retreats and summits in the coming years! Stay tuned!

ABSOLUTELY!  Although we are WOMEN Empowering Women and we tend to use she/her pronouns in most of our marketing , we welcome ALL ages, races, and identities! We strongly encourage attendees and members to meet someone they don’t know at meetings and events and get to learn about one another personally and professionally.  We’d love to meet you!!

There are no industry restrictions.  Because we encourage collaboration over competition we love to see people in similar fields and industries in attendance.  Many times we hear from attendees and members how much they learn from others in similar fields and find ways they can work together or support one another.

Right now we use a private Facebook group and a forum for members within the membership website and we meet regularly via scheduled Zoom events.

Great question!! We’re ready to go from National to INTERNATIONAL! We have a leadership application process for anyone interested in starting a chapter in their area. You can find most of the details here: https://wewnational.com/apply-to-start-a-chapter/