Beyond the Meeting

Do You Have What It Takes?

Beyond the meetings

Our meetings and events are only the very tip of the iceberg. They are perhaps the most visible component of being a member and supporter of Women Empowering Women, but a WEW’s member success is not just a matter of showing up for meetings and expecting business to come your way. What happens outside of the meetings is equally as important.

One-to-one meetings (Coffee Connections)

Women are encouraged to meet regularly with one another.  Making a connection starts at an in-person meeting, virtual event or even by browsing members via the WEW Membership directory. Sit down over coffee, lunch or via a video conference to start building a relationship that will, in turn, benefit both members in unexpected ways.

Power groups

Chapter members often work in related industries (e.g., health care, finance, marketing) and/or share common target audiences (e.g., seniors, new homeowners, business owners). These power groups will often get together to strategize how to collaborate for mutual benefit.  This is the CORE of WEW’s beliefs and we love when we hear about groups that have grown their businesses or organizations because of these collaborations!

Get Connecting

Members act as your eyes and ears (and mouth). Because our focus is about building relationships and it is a well known fact that people do business with those they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST, members that connect with each other regular become an extended sales force. They are out there, alert to recognize potential customers and situations, and breaking the ice to relate your message. Warm introductions to new business are always the best, right?

Virtual Meetings

Because there is not a chapter in every city (yet!) we offer virtual meetings as a way to run a meeting aligned with the same agenda and principles as an in-person meeting.  These are limited seating events and capped off at 30 attendees for best results and run the same as regular meetings. A membership is not required to attend (but these do have a fee and may be discounted based on paid membership level).

Training workshops

2 hour, half-day, and full day seminars are given on a variety of topics to help you succeed in business and get the most out of your WEW membership. Our workshops and seminars are typically open to the public but paid WEW member levels enjoy discounted or free events and advanced notice  An important benefit of these workshops is the opportunity to network with members from other chapters

Podcasts & TED Talks

We have collected a number of podcasts and TED Talks that align with our members needs and wants. Members (and non-members) can listen to these short broadcasts and benefit from them.  Click here to find our evolving list.

Chapter Leadership meetings

Leaders are needed to bring women together and work to help educate, motivate and inspire through engaging in relationships.  But leaders also need to be educated, motivated and inspired too.  As a WEW Chapter Leader there will be exclusive meeting and trainings to collaborate ways to build and grow as a leader and a chapter.


Members are encouraged to join LinkedIn  as a way to communicate what they do and reach out to customers, fellow members, colleagues, and experts.

Other Networking Groups

Although we would love for WEW to be your priority we strongly encourage members to be a part of other networking meetings and events.  There are so many benefits to belonging to your local Chamber of Commerce groups and other local, national and industry specific networking organizations.  Don’t over do it and join everything.  Be selective and put all of your effort into a few select groups to get the most benefit and choose wisely.  Make sure these groups align with your core values.

WEW Chapter Meeting
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