Attend a Meeting

Connect with other women who find value in building relationships in business

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You read that right.  All Women Empowering Women (WEW) chapter meetings are free for anyone to attend.

This is why WEW was formed originally and how it has sustained and grown as an organization since then.

Attending an in-person meeting or event will allow you to meet and learn from panelists, experts and local women in your Women Empowering Women chapter.

The more you attend you will also find allies who want to help with your success and are ready to share their resources and expertise to help you take that next step in your personal and professional life.

We also offer Virtual Meetings and Events for those who are unable to physically attend a meeting or for those that wish to connect with other professional women in other locations.

Virtual meetings are an extension of our in-person meetings and run with the same agenda and allow for everyone to communicate as if they are in the same room together.  (Isn’t technology amazing?!)

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Introduction Tips for the Meeting

  • Start introducing yourself with your name, title and your company/organization name.
  • Keep it short and simple – say what is MOST important in 30 seconds.  Spotlight 1-2 products or services you offer or what makes you and your company different.
  • If you can end with a unique slogan or memory hook so people remember you, go for it!
  • Be respectful of time. If the timer goes off – stop immediately, say something like, “See me after for more information! Thank you!” and sit down so the next person can have their turn.
  • Most importantly – SMILE!
  • Your goal is to get people to want to come up to you after the event and ask for more information or ask for your business card so they can follow up with you later.
  • Remember: Women Empowering Women (WEW) is all about building relationships!  We strongly encourage attendees to meet with each other outside of the monthly meetings to get to know each other better and find ways to connect with each other.

Typical Meeting Agenda

Open Networking

Introduction of Women Empowering Women

The Chapter Leader will introduce WEW and share any local, national or corporate news & announcements

Short Introductions of Each Attendee

(This is your opportunity to introduce yourself, your business or services you provide)

S.O.S. section – “Share Our Successes” or “Share Our Struggles”

A guided open forum where attendees learn that they are more similar with each other through the sharing of struggles and successes.

Guest Speaker Presentation or Learning Opportunity

During meetings, we help build connections but we also look to educate, motivate and inspire attendees by bringing focused topics presented by an expert in their field who have agreed to share their knowledge or experience.  These are not sales pitches and attendees typically leave meetings with tangible tips and tricks they can leave the meeting and implement in their personal or professional lives right away.

Wrap Up & Next Meeting Date and Information

The best way to build connections and relationships is by attending meetings each month so others can get to know and you can get to know others.

What is an S.O.S. Circle?

An S.O.S. Circle is more than just a meeting—it’s a transformative experience where women come together to uplift and empower each other. Attendees have the opportunity to forge deep connections, dispel feelings of isolation, and emerge stronger, more resilient, and united in their journey towards personal and professional fulfillment.

For many women, celebrating successes can be challenging due to societal expectations and fear of being perceived as boastful. Likewise, sharing struggles may feel daunting as it requires vulnerability and the fear of judgment.

In a guided open forum setting, participants are invited to bravely share their triumphs and challenges, knowing that they are among a community of women who understand and empathize.

The acronym S.O.S. stands for “Share Our Successes” or “Share Our Struggles” and embodies the core purpose of the circle. This offers a safe space for women to bravely share their struggles and vulnerabilities, recognizing that doing so is not a sign of weakness but of strength and resilience.