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West Houston Institute – 2811 Hayes Road, Houston, TX 77082

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Fourth Thursday of every month


11:00am – 12:30pm

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Chapter Leaders: Lollie Ramirez-Bennett and Anna Garcia


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Q&A with Chapter Leaders Lollie and Anna

Why do you believe in WEW mission?

Lollie: As a lifelong advocate of gender equality, I believe that the key to our success as women is to support and elevate each other. Society has not truly encouraged that and we have to teach each other to be vulnerable and comfortable amongst STRONG WOMEN!

Anna: WEW aligns with my personal values and goals when it comes to women relationships. It fosters an inclusive and empowering environment for women from all industries, levels of personal and professional leadership, and encourages a positive networking experience.

Can you describe a memorable networking relationship?

Lollie: I think one of my most memorable is how I was introduced to Michell by one of my dear allies and immediately knew that we were on the same page. We built a connection that just became stronger even though we did not meet until 3 years later.

Anna: Every networking event is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and meet amazing people, but some of the most memorable are those where people can simultaneously disconnect from day-to-day stress but share their professional aspirations. One instance was in Houston through Power on Heels, where we had breakout sessions where participants felt comfortable and shared openly.

What are some present and/or past organizations you have been a part of?

Lollie: Women of AT&T National, HACEMOS, El Zocalo, Primeway Federal CU Board of Directors

Anna: Texas Diversity Council, Power on Heels, Prospanica, Latin Women’s Initiative

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