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Q&A with Chapter Leader Desiree

Why do you believe in WEW mission?

No one tells you when you are younger that becoming an adult woman carries so much responsibility. I believe that all women should provide grace, respect, and the benefit of the doubt to all women because the truth is we are all just trying to do our best. WEW focuses on the relationship which in my opinion is a key driver to then allowing us to thrive as a unit but also individually. We need each other and if I can be part of a connection that inspires all women to come together then I would love to help spread some greatness with in my local community.

Can you describe a memorable networking relationship?

I love meeting people. At one event we did speed connecting and it provided us a way to get to know each other. When we left we were no longer strangers on social media… we were actual people who were all looking for something.

What are some present and/or past organizations you have been a part of?

I was a part of the Junior League. I served as a membership chair and president elect. I am currently involved in the chamber and Ladies Achieving success which is a BNI group.
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