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Kristy Jackson
CEO of DK Solutions, LLC

Topic Amplify Your Brand
Downloads or Worksheets None
Speaker Series empowerED
Originally Recorded July 14, 2020

We are thrilled to introduce our first empowerED (EMPOWER EDucation) session. Constant learning and developing professionally is critical to having a successful career and thrive personally. In our new education series we will find workshops and trainings designed to empower women with new skills and provide opportunities for learning that align with our vision to educate, motivate and inspire our members.

Amplify your Brand w/ Bizperation will help you promote your brand story using inspiration from images in the Bizperation Journal and Think Tank cards. This course is for the tech novice or guru promoting your personal or professional brand. For many consumers, If your brand doesn’t have a digital presence, then it doesn’t exist. 50% of consumers say that seeing digital content would increase their chances of buying products or services through a brand’s social media. (Curalate) You will discover an easy four-point funnel to identify the most relevant content to market your brand. Digital marketing is a considerably cost-effective way to achieve growth by reaching new leads. Clarifying your brand story will build meaningful interactions and ensure your marketing messages are highly targeted to the leads you ultimately want to become loyal customers.

Takeaways you can expect from this training:

Discover why people “buy” your personal or professional brand over another
Identify the most relevant content to market your brand to increase leads
Create a time-saving matrix that includes content topics inspired by the Bizperation Journal & Cards.