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Kristy Jackson, Michell Stockmann, Anna Garcia, Lollie Ramirez- Bennett

Topic Women’s History Month – Virtual KickOff
Chapter Meeting Virtual
Originally Recorded March 7th, 2023

Let’s get ready to kick on International Women’s Day by launching Virtual Women Empowering Women meetings again! Can you think of a better launch, than to connect with other women from across the nation? Come and hear from our new powerhouse leadership team of Michell Stockmann, Founder & CEO; Anna Garcia, Chief Operating Officer and Lollie Ramirez-Bennett, Chief Strategy Officer; led by an another women’s community leader, Kristy Jackson, Founder of SheCan.

This meeting is FREE and open to everyone. There will be small breakout sessions where you can connect with others in attendance.

For information about this chapter, please contact our corporate team at

Contact our Panelists:

Kristy Jackson, CEO of SheCan Connect

Phone: (314) 200 – 4456

Michell Stockmann, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Phone: (618) 526 – 1600

Anna L. Garcia, Chief Strategy Officer

Email: anna@annalgarciacom
Phone: (832) 607 – 5733

A. Lollie Ramirez-Bennett

Phone: (281) 658 – 4023