Dr. NIcole Bradford

Dr. NIcole Bradford

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Nicole D. Bradford is a published author, life coach, entrepreneur, and speaker with two decades of experience in the field of education. She energizes and equips others to take action and live audaciously authentic lives. Dr. Bradford enjoys traveling and encouraging others to tap into their younger self.

She asks that we reflect to when we were younger, had a zest for life, and didn’t care who was around or what they thought. Unfortunately, so many of us lose our excitement for life as we transition into adulthood.

Dr. Bradford is a very transparent coach/speaker that has overcome several challenges in her life, and she uses her challenges from witnessing domestic violence as a child, workplace labels/limitations, supervising while young, and desiring success and being labeled and disliked by peers and family members (both in-laws and outlaws).She stresses the importance of creating the life that you desire and take steps to move from pleasing others to doing what makes you genuinely happy. It is very important that we focus on removing the lies, labels and limitations that maybe placed on you by others so that you can live an Audaciously Authentic life. As a first-generation college graduate and the youngest of six children, she began her career working with disenfranchised youth and setting up programs to ensure their success. Dr. Bradford has been fortunate to work as a Professor, Vice President of Student Services, Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Campus Principal. Dr. Nicole is the owner and founder of Maintain the Flame and the author of 1 Step Is All It Takes and is currently writing her next book, “My Soul is NOT for Sale.

” Dr. Nicole wrote 1 Step Is All It Takes to help readers take 1 step every day towards the life they have always dreamed of. The book provides personal challenges that allow readers to evaluate their lives and the situations they are currently dealing with so they can strategize and ensure their success. Several bible verses are included in the book to connect readers to the word of God, while directing them in the way in which He would have them go.

Presentation Title: Maintaintheflame

Description of presentation that we can use for promoting event:

Maintaintheflame is a presentation that inspires the audience member to take a look at their personal “why” while moving forward with passion/purpose. The presentation focuses on:
M – Mindset
A – Action
I – Intentional
N – Nurture
T – Tenacity
A – Authentic
I – Integrity
N – Non – Negotiables

How did you hear about this speaker opportunity, or did someone refer you? on line

Chapters you can speak at: Houston, Texas, North Houston, Texas, Virtual EmPower Hour

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I have been speaking since 1997.

Other topics to present:

Yes, My SOUL is not for sale and Live FULL die EMPTY!

Dr. NIcole Bradford

Eleni Yiambilis Farias

Email: nbradford@hotmail.com

Phone Number: 774-287-9543

Title and Business: Owner, Maintaintheflame

Website: http://www.maintaintheflame.net


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