Sheila Buswell

Sheila Buswell

Speaker Bio:

Sheila Buswell is the CEO and Co-Founder of Buswell Biomedical, a veteran of the US Army and the author of Is This Seat For Me? Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Everyday Life and Business.

In her book, Sheila shares the stories of a diverse group of accomplished individuals who struggled with self- doubt and found ways to overcome it. Along with her coauthors, her book reveals personal experiences with imposter syndrome—from hardship and suffering, to the final freedom of realizing they were enough.

After losing her scholarship to college, Sheila enrolled in the US Army where she cross trained as a Generator Mechanic. After receiving a medical discharge in 2001, Sheila transitioned back into civilian life. Committed to not ending up in a minimum wage job flipping burgers, Sheila enrolled in the Missouri University of Science and Technology so she could build a career as an engineer.

For years, Sheila both had success in her career and also endured a tremendous amount of sexism. She left her job in 2019 to found Buswell Biomedical, a company based off the device she invented which is controlled by Machine Learning.

Presentation Title: Practical ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Description of presentation that we can use for promoting event:

I will talk about the five ways I have used to combat feeling like I do not belong.
1) Remembering my past achievements
2) Not comparing myself to others
3) Practicing Self Grace
4) Being mindful of my Thinking
5) Asking myself: Will this matter in a year?

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Chapters you can speak at: West County, Missouri (St. Louis), Virtual EmPower Hour

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Presenting Experience:

I have spoken before and been on multiple podcasts. Here is my linktree link with my podcast appearances: also I have spoken to a varied audience for St. Louis Tech Week.

Other topics to present:

I have spoken on the AI, I have also spoken about Biomedical and Inventing.

Sheila Buswell

Sheila Buswell


Phone Number: 3145789953

Title and Business: CEO/CO-Founder Buswell Biomedical, Buswell Biomedical INC





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