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Megan Martin
Executive Career Coach and Business Consultant with Conquer Consulting

Topic Changing Careers During the Coronavirus
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Speaker Series WEW PowHer Up
Originally Recorded October 23, 2020

Unexpected events or shocks disrupt our habitual routines, jolt us out of our comfort zones, and lead us to ask big questions about what matters and what is worth doing. It’s no wonder, then, that during the current pandemic, many people are rethinking their careers.

But is this really the right time? Even for those of us lucky enough not be sick, caring for others who are sick, or scrambling to make ends meet, the pandemic has increased uncertainty and caught us unprepared — psychologically and financially. The situation feels threatening.

It’s hard to dive wholeheartedly into reinventing your career if you’re feeling risk-averse or are worried about your prospects.

So how do we balance the pressing need to ensure basic survival — of our families and firms — with what may well be a growing urge to do something new after this crisis has subsided?

Come join us as Megan Martin guides us through these questions and more in our newest PowerHER Up speaker series.

Ready to make a career transition but not sure where to start? Business isn’t where you want it to be? Struggling with the leadership of your team?

Conquer Consulting is on a mission to help you — to help you conquer your professional goals, while keeping your personal values front and center. Think more happiness in your professional life, think more passion and more fulfillment, think winning and having fun while doing it.

Megan is a certified executive career coach and business consultant, and she specializes in working with professionals who are looking to make a transition in their career or grow within their leadership position and business owners who want to build/rebuild/grow their businesses.

Previous clients share that she is honest, upfront and can see potential in others even when they can’t see it themselves. Her positive energy is contagious, and her encouraging communication has clients ready to step up and take action.

She will be your biggest cheerleader, but also your toughest coach. If you are ready to play, she is ready to serve — just be prepared to win together.

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