Chapter Leader Requirements

Do You Have What It Takes?

Chapter Leader Requirements

We are thrilled that you want to bring WEW to your area!

In order to have a successful chapter, plan to spend roughly 5-7 hours per month on building, growing and running your chapter:

  • Chapter leaders will be expected to secure their own location for meetings, determine date/time preferences from within the available WEW time slots, and actively recruit membership.
  • Promoting your chapter to your network
  • Securing Chapter Speakers and coordinating promotional information from the speaker to send to WEW corporate marketing
  • Setting up and maintaining the listings for your meetings including speaker/topic no less than 60 days in advance.
  • Leaders must attend and lead your Chapter Meetings and Events.  Arriving 15-30 minutes prior to meeting to network and greet guests and staying after meetings 15-30 minutes to network and connect and answer questions is strongly suggested.
  • Keeping a professional appearance and manner when running a meeting and attending other networking events as the local “face” of WEW
  • Although we know each chapter will have it’s own culture and vibe, meetings must be run with the required agenda with minimal deviances unless previously cleared with WEW corporate.
  • Each chapter leader is required to abide by the guidelines we have created and tested for hold a successful meeting.
  • Encourage and participate in the mission of collaboration over competition and suggest attendees to make connections and meet outside of the regularly scheduled WEW meetings.
  • Submit an “After the Meeting” form in the WEW portal and update numbers and emails as needed and submit meeting photos for marketing promotion.
  • Encouraging the participation of members in regional and Corporate Events.
  • Encourage meaningful connections and act as a connector where possible. 
  • Present yourself as an ambassador for WEW as well as maintain a positive mindset and reflect the overall values of WEW in your professional and personal life.

Your Investment includes:

  • A chapter page on our WEW Corporate website and a chapter leader portal dedicated to your individual Chapter.
  • A WEW Marketing Kit for your Chapter with printable banners, business cards, and flyers to give you options for physical collateral to market your Chapter
  • Leadership Training and collaboration with other chapter leaders on a regular basis.
  • Reserved seats to future Regional & National events.
  • Early reservation opportunities for Virtual Meetings, Workshops, Expos and other WEW events
  • Autonomy to run your Chapter as you choose, within Corporate branding guidelines.
  • The use of WEW logo, webpage and intellectual property in order to establish and brand yourself as a WEW Chapter Leader within the guidelines of logo usage.
  • Being a chapter leader is a privilege and does require following WEW policies and procedures.  Privileges and responsibilities can be suspended or even revoked if guidelines and requirements are not being met.
  • Access to an exclusive network of leaders, executive team members and owners who will invest in your success!
  • Ongoing support and development for you as a chapter leader and personally!

Start a movement. Become a Leader.

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