Amy Wagenknecht

Amy Wagenknecht

Speaker Bio:

Amy Wagenknecht is a Certified BARE Life Coach who helps women who are stressed out and feeling stuck in their lives. She is passionate about helping women shed the things weighing them down so that they can create a life they genuinely love.

As a life coach and motivational speaker, she shares a message of empowerment, urging women to take excellent care of their mental and physical health—starting today, not someday later. Her inspiring message can also be seen in Monroe County Republic-Times newspaper where she writes a monthly column, Happy + Healthy Life.

When she is not working, she loves going on adventures, big and small, with her husband and 3 kids. You can also find her at the gym lifting weights or running. When it’s time to relax, she’s usually curled up with a good book with a cat on her lap.

Presenting Experience:

I hold monthly local events for women where I present a specific topic- mindfulness, goal setting, attentive eating, getting active, growth mindset.

I have spoken at the Edwardsville Chapter. (Jan 2020)

Chapters you can speak at: Edwardsville, O’Fallon


Amy Wagenknecht


Phone Number: 1-314-369-8333

Title and Business: Certified BARE Life Coach, Amy Wagenknecht Life Coaching




Instagram: N/A

Three Presentation takeaways:

  • Knowledge of social media platforms that will help you determine where to best reach your audience
  • An introduction to different styles of video, so you can choose which best showcases your brand.
  • A list of questions every video should answer.
  • Techniques for making your own videos look pro.
  • Apps you can use to create your own videos.

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