Amanda Bossi

Amanda Bossi

Speaker Bio:

Amanda Noel Bossi is a driven leader and trailblazer for the Community. She impacts the world through her charisma, empowering drive for justice, and personal experiences. Amanda enjoys sharing how to transform personal challenges and turning them into more purposed-center leadership. Amanda is known for her empowering story of TS and how she used her Mind’s Wisdom and intuition to find clarity again. It’s a story you don’t want to miss! You can find her work in leading radio shows, Inspirational Ted Talks, and podcasts.

Presentation Title: Unlearning the Old & Reprogram the New

Description of presentation that we can use for promoting event:

Have you ever been conditioned to feel limited in this noisy world? Perhaps old traumas, diagnoses or wounds keep you playing small on the inside.
In society, women are taught that they can only have ONE aspect of themselves to show up in the world. The beauty of this? Times have changed. Although time waits for no one, to have true courage for your life to becoming who you were meant to be is what YOUR journey is about. Amanda will take you on her personal mission of encouragement overcoming the world’s interpretation of her “once severe diagnoses” to empowering her own life again thriving by choice. She will share with you the power of our Mind’s capabilities, releasing the old version of yourself, and reclaiming that part of you that was forgotten about.

Presenting Experience:

Brief discussion on personal experiences

Chapters you can speak at:  St. Louis Area, Virtual EmPower Hour

I’m interested in speaking at: In Person Event

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Amanda Bossi


Phone Number: 317-945-8764

Title and Business: MindCore Intuitive Coach, MindBoss Academy



Three Presentation takeaways:

* Manifesting the experiences you desire
* Removing old traumas & finding that break-through inside
* You are not your diagnoses- Transform it higher in your purpose
* Seeing the world in a newer way than ever before
* Understanding & learning to trust synchronicities & Intuition

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