Dawn Benjamin

Dawn Benjamin

Speaker Bio:

Dawn Cecile Benjamin is the CEO of Sistah Encourage Me, LLC. a women’s empowerment company. Sistah Encourage Me works with women through the facilitation of Coaching as a Spiritual Life Mentor and workshops to encourage women to go within so they don’t go without!

Dawn is an inspiring and strong woman that grew up with a very encouraging mother who always taught her to ‘Never Say Can’t Always Say Can’. The word CAN’T wasn’t allowed to come out of her mouth. Her mother was her greatest supporter and encourager. With those early beginnings, Dawn developed a belief that, within herself and within every woman that she meets, there are gifts and a purpose to be released into the world. Whenever she meets another woman, she sees the potential and speaks into their life. She believes that a woman’s gifts open doors to more opportunities, and that so many women are not fulfilling their purpose because they are afraid to step out and reach into the soul and spirit of who they really ARE.
The road or path Dawn leads her clients on is one of authenticity, trust, prayer, belief, and confidence. She is a woman who leads the way by example because she was in a place of scarcity mindset. This scarce mindset occurred even though she had strong beginnings in life. She compared and looked on the outside, physical self instead of on the spiritual side, inside. Once that shifted, it led to strong foundation of her son following in the footsteps of being this faith filled, move mountains young man in this world.

Dawn is a woman of faith, courage, power, patience, and persistence. She holds herself accountable to God and to uplifting other women along her path. She believes that her purpose in life is to empower other women to do the same.


Presentation Title: Climb Your Mountain

Description of presentation that we can use for promoting event:

Everyone has some sort of “mountain” in front of them in life. We have names such as, obstacles, mountains, roadblocks, stumbling blocks and sometimes people. No matter what name we give them, they must be confronted and there is always a way to move and conquer whatever is in our way. You see these mountains can block us, stop us from being the woman God, universe or divine, created us to be! I would like to present to you how I climbed my mountain!

Presenting Experience:

In 2021, I was attending the One-Woman Fearless Summit in New Jersey. The organizer of the summit, Sharla Brown came to my seat and “whispered can you fill in for a speaker today”? I wasn’t prepared, but a speaker always has some talk under her belt. I decided to do Fear, Faith & Fortune. It was a riveting, off your feet talk and the ladies were entertained and full of encouragement. I continued in the same year, with One Woman and did Fear-vs-Faith. I continue to speak virtually and next year I will be speaking in person in Canada at the WEL conference May 3rd-5th, 2024.

Other topics to present:

Fear-vs- Faith – this is the heavy weight championship battle for your life. It’s an internal fight with you over your destiny in life.
Comfortable in your skin- is being in love with your inner spiritual self and accepting all of you.
The DASH- living your life daring to awaken your spiritual happiness. Living on terms of pure joy.


Chapters you can speak at: Belleville, Illinois, Any Metro East Chapter, St. Louis Area

I’m interested in speaking at: In Person Event, Conference


Dawn Benjamin

Email: sistahencourageme@gmail.com

Phone Number: 1-732-857-4671

Title and Business: CEO, Sistah Encourage Me, LLC

Website: http://www.sistahencourageme.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawn-benjamin-b9560629/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dawn.benjamin.37

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sistahencourageme/

Presentation takeaways:

1.) How to speak over and to your fear
2.) Not to allow the pain to impede your progress.
3.) Trust the helping hand
4.) Distractions keep you focused.

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