Doria Holland

Doria Holland

Speaker Bio:

Legacy 1106 is a consulting firm that focuses on small businesses that are locally owned in the St Louis Metropolitan area. The focus of Legacy 1106 takes a holistic approach with the analysis of people and processes. Our firm has two components that focus on business development strategy and organizational development: people and processes.


Presentation Title: Becoming a Disruptor

Description of presentation that we can use for promoting event:

As women we are often stuck in a box when it comes to solving problems within our workplace environments. We hear ‘that’s how it’s always done,’ and we are left with feeling stagnant. Instead there are ways to break status quo and question how things are done and test strategies against existing markets.


Interested in speaking at future events: In-person local Chapter Meetings, In=person Summit’s or conferences, In-person workshops

Presenting Experience:


Doria Image

Doria Holland


Phone Number: 6185672332

Title and Business: Business Consultant, Legacy 1106 LLC



Presentation takeaways:

Enact cultural change within an organization by thinking like a consumer, how to get buy-in from stakeholders, how to disrupt and be bold about it, create a process that is repeatable.

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