Jana Gregorek

Jana Gregorek

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Jana Gregorek is a mom, wife, book nerd, speaker and leader in financial services. She has spent her 18 year career in financial services and is now the Director of Talent Acquisition at Moneta, a financial services firm Headquartered in Clayton, MO. Prior to joining Moneta, she was a Leader and Limited Partner at Edward Jones and Chief Growth Office at Visionary Wealth Advisors.
Jana’s spent her career advocating for women. Her true passion is mentoring and leading others to become the best versions of themselves and breaking down barriers to women advancing in their careers in all industries. She doesn’t believe in work/life balance, but in work-life integration and continually evaluating where you are to make sure you are living life to the fullest!
She lives in O’Fallon, IL with her husband, Brian (also in Financial Services), and her two kids, Caroline (9) and Douglas (7). Jana makes sure she prioritizes the things that fill her bucket each day (reading, productive work, quality time with her kids and exercise) and is a recovering “yes” addict, trying to do it all!

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TBD around leveraging your strengths to build confidence and create work/life integration.

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Jana Gregorek

Email: jgregorek@monetagroup.com

Phone Number: 618-698-9080

Title and Business: Director of Talent Acquisition, Moneta

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jana-gregorek/

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