Jennifer Capler

Jennifer Capler

Speaker Bio:

I am a Subject Matter Expert in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. I have many passions and skills, tapping into all of them to help inspire, motivate, and empower others to become their own versions of excellence.

I help individuals embrace who they are and become more skilled in leadership and in Life. Leadership is a state of being, not a title. My Pillars of Leadership development consist of Authenticity, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication, Vision, and Voice.

I am a US Navy Veteran and have worked with corporate, political, and non-profit organizations. I am a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, have a Master of Business Administration, am a Certified NLP Master Coach and Trainer, and hold other Leadership Certifications.

Leadership and Development are my PASSIONS. I LOVE to share knowledge and experience with everyone and can literally talk for hours about leadership, personal discovery, growth, and the applications of those topics in any personal or professional setting.

Presenting Experience:

TEAM, International Leadership Association, the University of Phoenix (presenting in workshops and classes).

Chapters you can speak at:Alton, Illinois, Belleville, Illinois, Centralia, Illinois, Clinton County, Illinois, Edwardsville, Illinois, South City, Missouri, Sunset Hills, Missouri, O’Fallon, Illinois

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Jennifer Capler


Phone Number: 417-851-7341

Title and Business: Dr., The DM Woman, LLC




Three Presentation takeaways:

Authentically Embracing Self
Creating Your Vision
Finding Your Voice

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