Mandy Schulis

Mandy Schulis

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Mandy Schulis is a certified integrated trauma-informed Story Coach. Mandy combines 20 years of entrepreneurship with her MBA and certifications in coaching, trauma recovery, and holistic health to create Mandy Schulis Coaching. She coaches women who are ready to claim their power, release shame, and dig into their amazing, complicated stories to find their purpose. Learn more about her at


Presentation Title: A Fairytale Journey to Life After Divorce, Trauma, and Loss

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Once upon a time, Mandy Schulis found herself in the midst of a challenging fairytale – one filled with adversity, heartbreak, and unexpected twists. She faced the darkness of domestic abuse, the weight of raising a disabled daughter, and the loss of her beloved massage therapy business due to a debilitating hand injury. But like the resilient heroes and heroines in our favorite stories, Mandy emerged from these trials stronger than ever and with a renewed purpose.

In this enchanting and inspiring presentation, Mandy invites you to embark on a fairytale journey of resilience and transformation. With her own life story as the backdrop, she shares the powerful lessons she learned about overcoming adversity, finding hope in the darkest moments, and discovering a happily-ever-after that she never could have imagined.


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Empowering Women: Unleash Your Life Story for Business Growth
The Correlation Between Mindset & Business for Entrepreneurs

Presentation takeaways:

1.Embrace resilience and inner strength regardless of their circumstances.
2. Turn pain into purpose and create a new and fulfilling chapter in their lives after experiencing trauma.
3.Craft their own fairytale ending through mindset shifts and applicable tools for everyday life.

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