Mandy Schulis

Mandy Schulis

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Mandy Schulis, owner of Mandy Schulis & Co., is a mindset consultant and a story strategist for entrepreneurs. She combines 20 years of entrepreneurship with her MBA and certifications in coaching, trauma recovery, and holistic health. Mandy works with people who are ready to claim their power and dig into their amazing, complicated stories, helping them to recognize the truths behind their journeys and leverage those truths to unlock their business’s full potential. Mandy is available for 1:1 and group strategy sessions and speaking engagements.


Presentation Title: 48-Hours to Change Your Life: Becoming More Resilient in Business

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In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, resilience and the ability to navigate personal challenges are crucial for sustained success. This presentation from Mandy Schulis explores the transformative concept of ’48 Hours to Change Your Life,’ a powerful strategy for entrepreneurs to effectively cope with life’s inevitable setbacks without compromising their business responsibilities.

Mandy has lived by the “48-Hour Rule” since she was a teenager, and is now working on a self-help book that will walk people through her smart strategy and how it worked for her. The rule, in short, encourages individuals to dedicate the first 24-hours after a catastrophe to fully experience their emotions, and then, the next 24 are to focus on responding to this adversity and turning the situation into a growth opportunity. By allowing this intentional space for emotional release, entrepreneurs can embrace the healing process and subsequently redirect their energy towards productive and forward- thinking solutions.


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Title: Empowering Entrepreneurs: Accelerate Business Growth with Authentic Story Strategy
Speaker: Mandy Schulis, MBA, Story Strategist, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur
Audience: Entrepreneurs, Parents, People going through a life shift and looking for guidance

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Mandy Schulis


Phone Number: 978-394-7997

Title and Business: Fractional COO, MBA, Keynote Speaker, Author and Executive Coach for CEO entrepreneurs., Mandy Schulis & Co





Presentation takeaways:

1.Embrace resilience and inner strength regardless of their circumstances.
2. Turn pain into purpose and create a new and fulfilling chapter in their lives after experiencing trauma.
3.Craft their own fairytale ending through mindset shifts and applicable tools for everyday life.

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