Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall

Speaker Bio:

I have a Master of Athletic Training from Saint Louis University. I have worked as a Trainer with pre/post rehab clients, as well as clients with weight loss goals. I have taught goal setting workshops for many local gyms, yoga studios, and through the local adult education. My passion is helping others find their potential and creating small mind shifts that make something that once seemed impossible a REALITY!

Presenting Experience:

I have lead goal workshops for companies such as Lululemon, and Redbull. I have extensive experience in the health field as an athletic trainer and have worked with individuals educating on habit change health.

Chapters you can speak at: South City, Missouri, Sunset Hills, Missouri

Sarah J Hall Headshot

Sarah Hall


Phone Number: 573-864-7732

Title and Business: Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Sarah J. Hall Coaching




Instagram: N/A

Three Presentation takeaways:

  •  Lens through which to make more confident decisions
  • Activities to realize what drives you to success
  • Deep conversation to jazz and energize you

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