Shelley Kenow

Shelley Kenow

Speaker Bio:

Shelley Kenow is a Special Education Consultant, licensed Special Education Teacher, best-selling Author, podcast host, Master IEP Coach®, national and international speaker, and entrepreneur. She has been in the field of special education for over 30 years. She has written hundreds, if not thousands, of Individualized Education Programs (IEP), and led as many or more IEP meetings. She has provided training to thousands of teachers, parents, therapists, administrators, probation and court services members, financial leaders, and mental health providers on Leveling Up the IEP, Understanding Behaviors, and truly collaborating as an IEP team member with everyone at the table.
Shelley believes we know who we are, but not who we will be. With that in mind, she believes it is crucial for educators, employers, and family members to have a positive outlook for disabled people and to focus on their abilities rather than their disabilities.
Her book, Those Who “Can’t…” Teach: True Stories of Special Needs Families to Promote Acceptance, Inclusion, and Empathy was derived from interviews with an individual or the loved one of an individual with a disability.
By looking through a different lens, this book will challenge you to reflect on your thoughts about, and behaviors toward, individuals with disabilities. It will open your eyes to all the hidden struggles and possibilities children and their families encounter.
On #nolimits, Shelley chats with people who society has placed limits upon but who have busted through those limits. In the over 170 episodes to date, Shelley has had her own limiting thoughts challenged, been inspired by her guests, and has learned of even more amazing ideas to support those with disabilities.
Shelley has been on the Board of Directors for Chakota Therapeutic Riding Center, Early Head Start, and the Clinton County 708 Mental Health Board. She is happily married for 32 years…to the same man! They have one daughter who will soon be getting married.

Presentation Title: #nolimits-We Know Who We Are But Not Who We Will Be

Description of presentation that we can use for promoting event:

Every day our interactions and thoughts are based on lots of different bits of information. Our behaviors and thoughts are the communication of those bits of information. Not just our behaviors, but the behaviors of every person with whom we interact. Every behavior, positive or negative, is communicating something. How we respond to that communication will determine the outcome of the conversation.

In this talk you will learn how to change limiting beliefs that stifle growth. Transform wrong ideas about oneself and how life happens to you versus you being an active participant. You will also learn how to stop accepting others’ behaviors as personal and your responsibility.

How did you hear about this speaker opportunity, or did someone refer you? Michell Stockmann

Chapters you can speak at: Belleville, Illinois, Edwardsville, Illinois, O’Fallon, Illinois, Webster Groves, Missouri (St. Louis), West County, Missouri (St. Louis), Virtual EmPower Hour

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Presenting Experience:

Speaker at Illinois Probation and Court Services Association, Illinois Council for Exceptional Children, Division for Early Childhood National Conference, Raising Student Achievement Conference, Early Head Start Policy Council, Illinois Association of Supervision and Curriculum Design Conference, West Virginia University, A World of Difference TV Program, Beacon College, Teach Your Heart Out, Illinois Reading Conference, DHG Parents Professional Network, Regional Offices of Education in St. Clair County/Clinton-Marion-Washington-Jefferson County/Calhoun-Jersey-Greene-Macoupin County, Clinton County Connection, Tri-County Conference, Mt. Vernon Conference, 4th Judicial Circuit Juvenile Justice Council, Wallace Financial Group, MetLife Financial Group, Freeburg Middle School, St. Rose Elementary, Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health, SPARK Parents Group, Thriving in Sped, The Executive Function Online Summit, The Intentional IEP Summer Series


Shelley Kenow


Phone Number: 314-541-2181

Title and Business: CEO and Founder, Shelley Kenow IEP Consultant





Three Presentation takeaways:

-Knowledge of how to change thinking to improve mental health

-Empowered to change limiting beliefs and have the tools to change them

-Cease accepting responsibility for others’ behaviors

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