Theresa Skaar

Theresa Skaar

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Theresa B. Skaar is a certified mind-body medicine practitioner and mindfulness-based stress reduction teacher with a PhD in social psychology. Dr. Skaar uses these skills to guide individuals in overcoming life’s challenges. Her goal is to support people in finding more ease and connection in their lives.

You will find her building a career as a livestream show host, professional speaker, author, and coach. She on a mission to make personal growth and well-being accessible to all, while embracing creativity through hobbies like painting and knitting.


Presentation Title: Mindfulness 101: Cultivating Calm in a Chaotic World

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Join Dr. T for an enriching journey into the world of mindfulness in “Mindfulness 101: Cultivating Calm in a Chaotic World.” In today’s fast-paced and chaotic world, finding inner peace and balance has never been more crucial. In this session we will explore the fundamental principles of mindfulness and its profound impact on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. You will learn practical techniques to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life, even amidst the busiest of schedules.

Whether you’re new to mindfulness or seeking to deepen your practice, this presentation offers a welcoming and accessible entry point. Dr. T’s warm and engaging style will make the concepts of mindfulness easy to understand and apply.

Join us for “Mindfulness 101: Cultivating Calm in a Chaotic World” and discover how mindfulness can be your sanctuary in today’s busy world.


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Presenting Experience:

I have a live stream show: Creating Connection with Dr. T: Navigating Being Human Together produced by Transformation Talk Radio. You can find more information here:,479.html and replays here:

Other topics to present:

Mindful Caregiving: Nurturing the Nurturers – discussing burnout and how mindfulness can support people as they care for others. This talk is great for professionals working in a care field and friends and family members providing support to their loved ones.

Mindfulness: Your North Star in Grief’s Journey – Discover how mindfulness serves as your unwavering guide, providing solace, resilience, and healing as you navigate the challenging terrain of grief.

Conscious Conversations: The Art of Mindful Communication – Explore the transformative power of mindful communication in fostering understanding, connection, and harmony in your interactions with others.

Leading with Presence: The Mindful Path to Effective Leadership – Uncover the principles of mindful leadership and how they empower you to lead with authenticity, empathy, and effectiveness.

Theresa Skaar


Phone Number: 855-952-2241

Title and Business: Social Psychologist/ Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor, Coaching, speaker, educator





Presentation takeaways:

– Discover how mindfulness can help you navigate and reduce stress, anxiety, and the overwhelming demands of modern life.
– Gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and how mindfulness can enhance your overall health.
– Experience practical mindfulness exercises and meditation techniques that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.
– Learn how mindfulness can enhance your communication skills, reduce stress, and improve your overall quality of life.
– Leave with actionable takeaways to start your own mindfulness practice immediately.

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