Tisha Dolby

Tisha Dolby

Speaker Bio:

Tisha Dolby is a survivor and overcomer of various life challenges. From birth Tisha was exposed to alcoholism and drug addiction. By the age of five she was enduring child abuse and domestic violence. The cycle of abuse continued all the way through her mid-twenties. By the age of eleven Tisha had the responsibility of caring for a comatose family member and this lasted for almost four years before being placed back in an abusive situation. The cycle of placement continued until Tisha aged out at which time, she moved in with a family member and fell victim to sexual abuse. To cope with the sexual assault, she began drinking and staying away from the home to avoid seeing and dealing with the person that was assaulting her. The sexual abuse only ended once she became pregnant with her first child (not her abuser’s) Tisha went from one abusive relationship to another over the next seven years as well as the loss of her daughter to SIDS. While carrying her fourth child to her fourth baby’s father she knew things weren’t getting better but worse and knew a change needed to happen. Tisha vowed to do what was necessary for her children, not to endure the life she had been subject to making the decision to raise her children in a single parent home and focus on God, healing, growing, and maturing. Tisha began to take the steps to break the cycles that have plagued her family for years.

Tisha has dedicated herself to helping others by utilizing her 25 plus years of experience working with various organizations in roles such as mentor, guest speaker, facilitator, and support services. While not having many resources available to her when she is enduring her own trials and tribulations, she vowed that she would become that resource for her clients and community. Tisha provides a source of relatability for the clientele she serves because she comes from a place of “I’ve been where you are” which allows the clients the ability to open-up and feel comfortable. Tisha works closely with families, schools, doctors, community partners and local government to provide outcomes, plans and services that will benefit all parties involved. Tisha assists clientele with basic computer skills, job search, training classes, parenting skills, coping with abuse (verbal, emotional, mental, physical and drug), loss of a child and support services. Power ~ Passion ~ Purpose Inc. focuses on love, support and understanding without judgement or condemnation. Power ~ Passion ~ Purpose Inc. family works to meet the clients and community where they are and nurture them through whatever the situation is for as long as it may take. As a client of Power ~ Passion ~ Purpose Inc. you are not a client, your part of our family and we are available to you morning, noon, or night.

Over the past two years Tisha has expanded the organization’s partnerships by joining forces with several other for-profit and nonprofit businesses by ways of coalitions, community events and the relocation of the organization from California to Texas. The relocation to Texas included relaunching our Community Thanksgiving meal feeding, hosting our first conference locally, as well as several collaborations with local sister agencies on community outreach. We are launching three of our signature programs in January 2024. Lastly, we have begun our expansion process for the organization to begin operating the other two phases of Power Passion Purpose Inc. (the phased out transitional housing and the resource center hub) where we operate from a people centered trauma informed care perspective.

Tish’s Motto: “If you have breath in your body…you’re not finished yet”

To God be the glory and honor! Many Blessing & Much Love – Tish

Presentation Title: “I CHOOSE ME…& Everything Else Comes 2nd

Description of presentation that we can use for promoting event:

The 5 Steps to creating your I Choose Me Box. We will go over the steps how to be intentional and take O.A.R. (Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility) of who and what we say we are and want. We focus on Being as we are Becoming.

Presenting Experience:

I have been speaking, presenting and facilitating in the Trauma, healing & self-love arena for 25 plus years.

Other topics to present:

I have spoken on various other topics from work life balance, being a mompreneur, life as a single mom, parenting, spiritual development, domestic violence, sexual assault, loss of a child, and nonprofit development.

How did you hear about this speaker opportunity, or did someone refer you? Carolina referred me

Chapters you can speak at: Virtual EmPower Hour

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Tisha Dolby

Email: talkwtish@gmail.com

Phone Number: 412-668-6598

Title and Business: Founder/Executive Director, Power Passion Purpose Inc

Website: http://www.power-passion-purpose.org

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/tisha-dolby

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tishaboo0813

Presentation takeaways:

1. By choosing me I became a better version of myself therefore I can show up more for those I love.
2. By choosing me I am prioritizing my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being therefore healing and practicing self-love.
3. By choosing me I gain the freedom to walk in my authentic self.

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