Vikki LeBeau

Vikki LeBeau

Speaker Bio:

10 years ago Vikki wanted throw in the towel on weight loss by signing up for weight loss surgery.
Fortunately, she happened on a program 3 weeks before her “meet the doctor” appointment that taught her how to eat MORE FOOD to lose the weight and feel better. Immediately, she realized she needed to share the valuable information and TLD was born. Over the 10 years of teaching others she continues to add more and more knowledge to her line up and today she’s here to shed light on how your DNA does make a big difference in your feeling fantastic as you age to 100 and beyond.


Presentation Title: Its as simple as your DNA

Description of presentation that we can use for promoting event:

The secret to health is on your Genes!


How did you hear about this speaker opportunity, or did someone refer you? attended a meeting

Chapters you can speak at: Virtual EmPower Hour

I’m interested in speaking at: Virtual Event, In Person Event, Training/Workshop, Webinar, Conference

Presenting Experience:

Presenting Experience:

Dale Carnegie
BNI chapters in the area
Several Churches
Several local Radio Stations and podcasts

Other topics to present:

The power of Sugar
What is water and how it makes a difference
Good Food Vs. Food we think is good
Do we re

Vikki LeBeau


Phone Number: 936-230-4419

Title and Business: CEO, TLD Nutrition and Wellness





Presentation takeaways:

Better understanding how we are all made differently and what works for one person doesn’t work for another. Women especially are hard on themselves when they really just need the answers.

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